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Lunch at the Italian Ambassador's Residence, Villa Firenze


Mrs Armando Varricchio has the pleasure to invite ArtTable members to a private lunch at Villa Firenze, the Residence of the Italian Ambassador to the United States, to discover the "Artist in Residence" program. The series aims to explore the new frontiers of Italian contemporary artistic research. “Ever since I became Ambassador of Italy to Washington, Micaela and I have decided to promote the presence of young Italian artists in Washington D.C.’s scene and throughout the United States. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to organize and support many Italian contemporary art exhibitions at the Italian Embassy and at museums and cultural institutions across the country. In this framework we have developed the idea for an Artist in Residence series, hosted at Villa Firenze, which has provided Italian artists with a space for meaningful reflection and research on contemporary art for the presentation of remarkable site-specific installations”. The Series started in June 2016 and is now at its fifth edition, with the works of Kiki Ghezzi, a Milanese artists living and working in New York. The majestic cherry tree in Villa Firenze’s garden, together with a similar one in her beloved native Italy, inspired Kikki for her current exhibition at the Residence. The long cherry flowers-colored draperies hanging from the roof and on the walls bring together, in an ideal dialogue, the two trees whose roots are symbolically joined despite the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Ghezzi’s works accompany viewers on a spiritual journey through two parallel, yet strongly connected, realities.