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High Tea: Conversation with Ambassador Beatrice Welters and Mr. Anthony Welters

High Tea: Conversation with Ambassador Beatrice Welters and Mr. Anthony Welters

"Collect what you love, and be persistent."


Our Conversation


  • Collecting an artist deeply, acquiring many works
  • A very personal experience
  • Work closely with art advisor and historian to identify works that may fit into their collection or works they are proactively seeking
  • Desire to keep collection together in future and to continue to maintain as a family collection and statement
  • To date the collection is rarely seen/visited. The ArtTable conversation represents a first for them in terms of public outreach

19th Century Art by African American Artists

  • Mr. Welters: 19th century black artists painted nature, the land, land they couldn’t own. They painted beauty outside of their own strife.
  • Discovering painter Charles Ethan Porter’s likeness to Mark Twain
Henry O. Tanner,  The Banjo Lesson , 1893

Henry O. Tanner, The Banjo Lesson, 1893


Growing up what was your relationship to art?

  • Mr. Welters grew up listening to Langston Hughes read poetry, as part of an annual school program

What was the first piece you ever collected?

  • Henry O. Tanner, The Banjo Lesson

What have you learned in your collecting journey?

  • To collect what you love, and to be persistent. Some works have taken years to acquire.
  • To respect the art-love of others when trying to acquire works. Buy from artists who only sell their

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